07 - LECTURE 7: LEMAY Strategic Bombing in Europe & Asia...

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L ECTURE 7: L E M AY 1. “The Art of War” A. Cities & Civilized War religious wars tend to be the worst wars, ideological in general. wars that are primarily fought for economic reasons are more limited in scope. ie: you decide who wins the territory - sets a limit on the warfare. most of the fighting does not take place in the city. most wars with professionals take place outside the walls. when warfare becomes unrestrained, often for ideological (race, religion, etc.) then you have attacks on your own cities. B. Sun Tzu (5 th to 3 rd Century BCE) sun tzu = best general should attain your goals without going into battles. the best military figures never have to fight. modern distinctions between soldiers and civilians: warfare should only be between professional soldiers. sun tzu fundamental: primary warfare virtue is not valor, the best generals can utilize deception and deterrence. C. Strategic vs. Tactical Bombing we need to make a distinction between strategy and tactics. tactics = what is done in a concrete battle situation. the opposite of this is strategies. overall goals over a period of time, what in the end we hope to achieve. warfare emerged in 1920s and 1930s, strategic bombing. thought of a more general abstract policy = role for air power to do more than to support troops in the field. more lofty global goal, we can attack the animal's ability to fight (airplanes, tanks) and oil refineries, power grid. famous advocate of strategic bombing = BILLY MITCHELL.
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07 - LECTURE 7: LEMAY Strategic Bombing in Europe & Asia...

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