nutrition chapter 5

nutrition chapter 5 - CARBOHYDRATES (CH2O)n Monosaccharides...

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CARBOHYDRATES (CH2O)n • Monosaccharides • Disaccharides • Oligosaccharides • Polysaccharides 1. Digestible 2. Indigestible MONOSACCHARIDES 1. GLUCOSE 2. FRUCTOSE 3. GALACTOSE DISACCHARIDES 1. MALTOSE 2. SUCROSE 3. LACTOSE OLIGOSACCHARIDES 1. RAFFINOSE 2. STACHYOSE DIGESTIBLEPOLYSACCHARIDES=STARCHES 1. AMYLOSE 2. AMYLOPECTIN INDIGESTIBLE POLYSACCHARIDES=FIBERS INSOLUBLE FIBERS 1. Lignans 2. Cellulose 3. Hemicellulose SOLUBLE FIBERS 1. Pectins 2. Gums 3. Mucilages GLYCOGEN-(“Animal Starch”) None in our diet Highly branched Storage in: Liver – for body use Muscle – for muscle use only
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Regulation: INSULIN GLUCAGON CARBOHYDRATE FUNCTIONS- ENERGY SPARE PROTEIN PREVENT KETOSIS GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH PROMOTE SATIETY CARBOHYDRATE REQUIREMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS RDA=130 grams/day: Approximate amount to supply glucose for central nervous system Recommendation (FNB): 45-65% Average American (? 50%): 180 – 330 g/d Top 5 sources:
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nutrition chapter 5 - CARBOHYDRATES (CH2O)n Monosaccharides...

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