dietspeech - We all know the obesity rate in America is...

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We all know the obesity rate in America is climbing to all time highs, and an estimated 50 million Americans will go on a diet this year. What will most of them resort to to help them lose this weight? Not watching their calories, or even exercising at the gym. People in today’s day and age are resorting to the so called easy-to-lose weight loss programs. The purpose of this speech is to inform you of the dangers of weight loss pills, and the truth about many of the popular weight loss programs, advising you not to participate in either. Today I will cover the effects diet pills have on the user, some popular weight loss programs, ways to tell fake programs and pills, and what you can do instead of relying on these to lose weight. Starting off, weight loss pills. These seem like the perfect solution to lose weight; just take a pill and lose weight! however, many of these pills suppress the appetite, reducing ur caloric intake. . therefore, metabolism slows down. When metabolism is slowed down, weight lost is also slowed down. It is common for a person taking these weight loss pills to only lose a certain amount of weight until the body becomes used to the pill, and that’s when the effects wear off. Also, many of the diet pills that are not found over the counter are not required to be tested. In 1992, 111 ingredients were banned and many products recalled because they were found to be very dangerous, and posing such health risks as swelling and blockages of the stomach and throat. Many diet pill manufacturers are making more powerful, yet unregulated, pills claiming it will help an obese individual lose weight just by taking the pill without any actual such evidence. Serious side effects can occur by taking these diet pills, many users oblivious to
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dietspeech - We all know the obesity rate in America is...

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