2008 Spring Course Desc for D2L

2008 Spring Course Desc for D2L - HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES...

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HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES Nikki Mandell Spring 2008 Office: White 227 Class: T Th 3:45-5:00 Phone 472-1523 Office Hours : T Th 2:00-3:30 e-mail: mandelln@uww.edu W 1:00-3:00 COURSE SYLLABUS This course examines global developments from the late 19 th century (late 1800s) through the recent past. In order to capture both the character of the past and the broader trends that unfolded over time classes will focus on key historical events and years. The course will use these key events as the foundation for comparative analyses of historical trends and for an examination of the broader context of global events and the roles of specific nations, regions and people in those events. The choice of key events and years in this study of 20 th century world history will highlight four significant themes: economic change and its impact on society evolution of ideas of freedom and human rights imperialism and global power relations development of state (government) powers In the course of this study students will gain a deeper understanding of history as a specific field of knowledge by learning and using methods and skills of historical inquiry, document analysis and interpretation. COURSE GOALS Throughout the semester students should seek to: take an active role in the learning process –compare material presented in class to your existing ideas, be prepared to change your understanding of the past, raise questions, offer comments, challenge ideas and interpretations improve historical skills and the quality of historical analysis – the ability to understand complex materials; distinguish between evidence, interpretation and unsubstantiated opinion; evaluate the validity of historical interpretations; and draw conclusions from historical information develop a more sophisticated understanding of the 20 th century – of major patterns of change and continuity, the complex forces and uneven consequences of those changes, the challenges facing peoples in different regions, the variety of their responses to those challenges and the economic, social and political changes that resulted develop a better understanding of the place of the U.S. in the international arena – of ways in which the U.S. experience has been shaped by, and in turn shaped, world events become a better informed citizen – through a better understanding of the relationship between historical knowledge and democratic citizenship REQUIRED READING None of the following readings should be used as “the textbook.” Rather, you will evaluate and use all readings as resources to develop answers to historical questions. Mandell & Gulig,
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2008 Spring Course Desc for D2L - HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES...

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