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Alex Hill Maggie Werner English102-14 1 May 2008 Rhetorical Analysis Revision Persuasive Tactics Going on a date can be a great way to interact with fellow students. Whether it is a movie or a dinner, a guy and a girl can bond with each other emotionally and physically if the date goes well. It used to be that a guy could ask a girl out without feeling out of place. Now-a- days the dating scene is transforming into a more casual, go with the flow type of lifestyle making dating extremely obsolete from how college students used to interact. College students have completely transformed the dating scene from how their parents once viewed it. In an article titled “Dinner and a movie? No thanks on college campuses,” written by Bella English, the topic of college dating is displayed through numerous interviews and opinions of students and educated colleagues. This article published on December 11, 2003 originally appeared in The Boston Globe . Due to the title of the article, “Dinner and a movie? No thanks on college campuses”, it becomes apparent that the authors’ main target was directed towards college student’s nation wide. The key words of “college campuses” in the title clearly establish that Bella English is mainly singling out and informing college students around the world and possibly their parents as well. The claim English is trying to portray through her article is that the dating, or lack of between college students has drastically changed into random hookups, friends with benefits, binge drinking, and group hangouts. English’s article is intended to inform college students and their parents of the current situation of campus dating, through past and present stories and interviews from college students all around the nation. When it comes down to dating and relationships around campus, these students willingly reveal their personal
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Hill2 experiences to English. Based on the responses from the students that were interviewed, English establishes different points of view and considerations between the male and female perspectives. In Bella English’s article, “Dinner and a movie? No thanks on college campuses,” she represents her arguments through personal experiences, nods to the opposition, and knowledgability that the dating scene in college is dead due to hook ups, friends with benefits, and the feeling of being secluded. When a Harvard woman was questioned about students dating, she replied, “last night, a
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Art of Persuasion - Alex Hill Maggie Werner English102-14 1...

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