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Alex Hill Maggie Werner English 102 16 April 2008 Brochure Memo For my radical revision I am going to transform my paper into a brochure. My audience will remain the same but my purpose will be to inform my audience rather than persuade them. In order to successfully complete my brochure I will have to list many aspects dealing with dietary supplements. First I will inform my audience of the rules and regulations that the FDA lives by. Next I will cite specific examples where dietary supplements have gone bad and harmed people. After providing examples of harmful
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Unformatted text preview: supplements, I will list examples where supplements have been beneficial towards people. I am listing the positives and negatives of dietary supplements because my purpose is not to bag on dietary supplements, but rather explain why the FDA should have to approve them before they can be sold. This form of argument will be appropriate for me and my argument because it will allow me to list specific details with bullet points on the topic and I may also throw a few pictures in for visual effects....
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