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Breif - 3 Reason Certain dietary supplements can actually...

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Alex Hill English 102 12 March 2008 Brief for Essay 2 Thesis : The FDA should have to approve all dietary supplements before they can be purchased on the shelves and used by civilians, because of the dangers that some of them can cause. 1. Reason : People are physically being put in dangers of dietary supplements everyday. Example : The FDA does not have to examine the contents and safety of a dietary supplement before it can be sold in stores. 2. Reason : People are being used as guinea pigs for the supplement manufacturers. And the FDA does nothing. Example : The only time the FDA gets involved with dietary supplement problems is after someone has already been harmed or killed by a dangerous side effect from a supplement.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Reason : Certain dietary supplements can actually be good for humans but know one will know which ones they are until the FDA examines and approves them. Example : A case study showed that a group of people taking a dietary supplement showed greater improvement in mental and physical health, than a group of people who were given a placebo. 4. Reason : The FDA needs to evaluate dietary supplements based on both long term and short term effects. Example : After a certain ingredient in a dietary supplement turned out to be the cause of a woman’s death, the FDA banned the supplement, but it was later rejected by a judge because their was no proof of any short term effects from the supplement....
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