Scriabin - pretty boring pattern to repeat over and over....

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Elizabeth S Music 070 9/22/06 Section 002 Alexander Scriabin Etude opus 2 no.1 in C# minor The primary melodic motive implies a rise and fall pattern that echoes through the piece. Scriabin continually modulates this motive to higher starting pitches, building up higher peaks to climb and then skip down. The modulation of the motive aids in helping the piece move forward, bringing new expression to what otherwise would have been a
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Unformatted text preview: pretty boring pattern to repeat over and over. In this piece, the key signature moves from C# minor to B-flat minor, clearly designating the B-flat as the new tonic. The next key signature change didn’t bring a blatant change of tonic designation to my ear, but I would hazard a guess at E-flat major. The piece then returns to C# minor to complete and close the cyclic pattern....
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