Beethoveen Symphony 7 II

Beethoveen Symphony 7 II - of the primary rhythmic figure...

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Elizabeth S Music 070 9/15/06 Section 002 Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7: II Meter, Tempo, Rhythm, and Register The overall rhythmic character of the movement is at first dominated by the plodding feel of the primary rhythmic figure. The meter is slow, yet upbeat; the developing contrast between the melodic voice and the rhythmic figure comes to bring some measure of balance to the feeling of a slow trudge up a hill. The tempo of the movement is generally described as “Allegretto,” but it takes a minute or two before we truly come to feel the light, moderate movement associated with the term. By progressing slowly through higher registers, the piece starts to overcome the slow feeling
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Unformatted text preview: of the primary rhythmic figure. Eventually, the figure is relegated to the backdrop of the middle section of the movement, at times almost disappearing entirely. This evokes a sense of relief, before the final few intermittent periods of intense drama, as the primary rhythmic figure returns to the forefront yet again for a false closing of the movement. The piece ends with almost lighthearted jumps between registers, gently reminding us of the primary rhythmic figure before the movement’s close....
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