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Chopin Preludes

Chopin Preludes - the prelude There are 5 phrases...

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Elizabeth S Music 070 9/25/06 Section 002 Chopin Prelude Opus 28: No. I and XX Q1: The melody in this piece is the central notes played alternately in the treble and bass clefs: the dotted eighth followed by the sixteenth. The scale type suggested by the melodic line in mm. 12-21 is a chromatic scale. In measure 21, the sense of climax is aided by the (optional) “ff”, which instructs the pianist to play very loudly, as well as by the very high notes that are played above the melody, even higher than before. Q2: The rhythmic pattern quarter-quarter-dotted eighth-sixteenth-quarter dominates
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Unformatted text preview: the prelude. There are 5 phrases characterized by resolved tensions, with an addition minor i chord at the close. The relationship between mm. 1-2 and 7-8 is an almost identical chord progression. The overall sound of the piece is melancholy and insistently dramatic. The chromatic writing for the left hand is between the scale degrees 6,7,8, which makes sense when the composer is bringing in the melodic and harmonic minor scales....
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