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Reactions_of_Carbohydrates_sl - (CHOH CH 2 OH Alditols...

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Reactions of Carbohydrates CHO (CHOH) CH 2 OH mild oxidation Br 2 in water COOH (CHOH) CH 2 OH Aldonic acids Aldoses 1 ) O x i d a t i o n CHO (CHOH) CH 2 OH strong oxidation dilute HNO 3 COOH (CHOH) COOH Aldaric acids Aldoses 2 ) R e d u c t i o n CHO (CHOH) CH 2 OH Reduction
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Unformatted text preview: (CHOH) CH 2 OH Alditols Aldoses & NaBH 4 OR H 2 /Pt CO (CHOH) CH 2 OH Ketoses * * * CH 2 OH NOTE: Optically inactive meso compounds are also formed CH 2 OH...
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