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Montaigne Outline

Montaigne Outline - Montaigne Essays To The Reader owe...

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Unformatted text preview: Montaigne Essays To The Reader- owe nothing to the reader - it is his thoughts and ideas - he does not want to please the world by his writings - he portrays his thoughts and ideas- he himself is the groundwork of the book- they should not waste their time by getting angry at what he has written One Man’s Profit is Another Man’s Loss- no profit can be made without the loss of another- the tradesman thrives at the debauchery of the young- no man takes pleasure even in the health of his friends- if every man examines his heart they will see they benefit at the price of another- naturalists hold that the birth and nourishment of one thing is because of the decaying of another On Cannibals- king phyruss said I do not know who these barbarians are but their army is not barbaneous when he saw a different ethnic group (the romans, he was greek) - judge things by reason and not by popular say- we embrace everything but we see only what we want to- people want to enjoy telling us news about the world...
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