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Nussbaum study guide - Short Essay 1) How does Nussbaum...

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1) How does Nussbaum calculate the number of missing women around the world? How does Nussbaum explain the fact that there are millions of missing women? a. Where equal nutrition and health care are present women live longer than men b. Expect a ratio of 102.2 women to 100 men – sex ratio in sub Saharan Africa c. Many countries have a lower sex ratio d. Ask how many more women than now present in a country would be there is that country had the same sex ratio as sub-Saharan Africa e. To get percentages compare the ratio of the number of missing women to the number of actual women in a country f. Women lack essential support for leading lives that are fully human g. In India a woman is expected to live to 61.3 where in America it is 80 h. There is a high infant mortality rate at 74 per 1000 births i. The general ratio keeps falling and falling j. Active infanticide k. Sex-selective abortion 2) In the introduction, Nussbaum describes the legal status of women in India. How does the legal status of women in the Indian constitution compare to the legal status of women in the american constitution? a. India is the world’s largest democracy and is a constitutional parliamentary democracy b. Has a written fundamental rights that includes the abolition of untouchability and an elaborate set of equality and nondiscrimination provisions c. Similar to the US by combining basically common-law tradition with the constraints of a written constitution d. Has a supreme court like the US – ultimate interpreter of fundamental rights e. India constitution is very woman-friendly document – nondiscrimination on the basis of sex and the right to equal protection by the laws f. Framers say that nondiscrimination is compatible with systematic programs of affirmative action aimed at bettering the lot of deprived groups g. Does not understand equality in the way it is in America – has been a shared understanding that equality has material and institutional prerequisites and that it is best understood to require the elimination of systematic hierarchies of all kinds 3) What is the literacy rate for women living in India as a whole? Which sections of India have the worst literacy rater for women? Which have the best literacy rates for women? How does Nussbaum explain the very large differences between women’s literacy rates in different parts of India? a.
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Nussbaum study guide - Short Essay 1) How does Nussbaum...

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