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Đoàn Th Loan Trang English 6 Topic:The efects of beauty and good looks Beauty and good looks is like amagnetic that at tracts people and make them want to sink into it. Great beauty or good looks in others inspires all kinds of emotions and there are many psychological effects of beauty. Good-looking people are perceived to be less talented. The halo effect tells us that when we judge more attractive members of the opposite sex, we generally as sume they are more talented than those who are less attractive. This happens even though what they do or say is no cleverer than less attractive people. But this changes when it’s members of the same sex. In a study and research, highly attractive people of the same sex were judged as less talented than average- looking people. Although attractive people are gennerally more popular socially, there are some evidences that they can have social rejection from members of their own sex. People in relationships also
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