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01-16-08 JSA - I. II. III. IV. Theodore Roosevelt a. in...

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I. Theodore Roosevelt a. in office 1901 – 1909 b. dramatic but temporary change II. Wilson, World War I, and League of Nations a. wilson did not want to enter but had to go in b. entered in 1917 c. wanted to make the world safe for democracy d. established a league of nations after the war e. unable to persuade the senate to ratify the treaty of Versailles f. so the us wasn’t in the league g. went into a deep isolationist hole III. Retreat to Isolationism a. after world war one us went into isolationish b. when hitler stalin and mao got aggressive he didn’t challenge it because they were isolationist IV. american policy of appeasement a. stood aside as japan assaulted china, and hitler did his things b. followed by france and great britain c. neautrality acts, 35-37 i. wanted to shield us from being drawn into another European war ii. warned americans not travel on ships of nations at war iii. impartial arms embargo 1. prohibited sale of arms to foreigners 2. hitler could attack other nations without being worried that the us would sell to the ones he is attacking iv. cash and carry provision
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01-16-08 JSA - I. II. III. IV. Theodore Roosevelt a. in...

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