Locke Outline - Locke - toleration is the chief...

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Locke - toleration is the chief characteristic of the True Church - people boasting about their faith shows them striving for power over one another - business of true religion o regulating of mens lives according to the rules of virtue and piety o must make war on own lusts and vices o cannot be a Christian without holiness of life, purity of manners, and benignity and meekness of spirit - impossible that for one to sincerely and heartily apply themselves to make other people christians if they have not really embraced it in their own hearts - no man can be a christain without charity and faith which works by love - torturing or killing someone because they do not believe your religion is wrong - whoever tries to force their religion on another needs to root out their own immortalities - no man should torture another to make them believe what they believe - no man can impose their beliefs on another - distinguish civil government from religion - there will never be an end to the controversy of religion - government needs to protect and promote civil interests o life, liberty, health, and indolency of the body, and the possessions of outward things (property) o every person in general needs to have these things secured by the government - life and power of true religion consists in the inward mind: faith is not faith without believing - the government cannot control the beliefs of every person o they do not owe themselves to the magistrate anymore than to other men o the magistrates power is only of outward force, but religion consists in the mind o even if the magistrate could control their minds it would not help their souls - consider what a church is o a voluntary society of men joining themselves together of their own accord in order to the public worshipping of god in such a manner as they judge acceptable to him and effectual to the salvation of their souls
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Locke Outline - Locke - toleration is the chief...

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