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09-04-07 JSA

09-04-07 JSA - c Autocracy i Very different from europes ii...

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Social Sciences 201 JSA Lecture September 4, 2007 Old Russia I. Introduction a. The Eurasian Colossus i. 3 names : USSR, Russia, Musto ii. Power went up and down iii. Went from power given by god to tsars iv. Always a dictatorship v. Ethnic Russian was the ethnicity vi. Russia has always been hard for outsiders to understand vii. Russias falls of empire was confused and unpredictable viii. The coutry that took radical change and dominated – one or two big turning points in America ix. Measures institutions and values of rest of world (America) II. Fundamentals a. Physical setting i. Self sufficient ii. Independent iii. Enormous country iv. No gulf stream to moderate v. Freezing cold vi. Ample rain in north and not enough in south b. People i. West invaded ii. As they grew stronger they took over iii. Made life hard in best of times iv. Common thread – peasants 5/6 majority v. Ethnically diverse much more than other countries vi. Expansion turned Russia into great power vii. Millions of poles viii. No Russia only a Russian empire
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Unformatted text preview: c. Autocracy i. Very different from europes ii. Had territory but had no space iii. Invaded frequently by neighbors iv. Scarce resources for immense tasks v. Headed by the tsar vi. Impossible to go to authority about mal practice vii. Ministers competed with each other viii. Could only recommend; tsars could do whatever they wanted ix. Two police; civilian and political 1. political police – make sure no political groups except those liking the tsar; made political life horrible x. strict hierarchy xi. laws didn’t do what all laws do d. serfdom i. grew out of need to control population ii. by 17 th century much worse than European iii. forced to do anything – marry, kids, etc. iv. had to pay taxes v. poverty ridden and authoritarian III. Problems a. Russias elite had less in common with the mass than the rest of the world b. Competed with western powers c. Searched for solutions d. Finally made changes...
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09-04-07 JSA - c Autocracy i Very different from europes ii...

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