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09-10-07 JSA - Social Sciences 201 JSA Lecture September...

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Social Sciences 201 JSA Lecture September 10, 2007 Tsarist Industrialization – 1861-1914 (A Case of Stillborn Modernization) I. The Paradox of Progress Amidst Backwardness a. Rise of new social classes: urban workers intelligentsia, bourgeois merchants i. Take peasant based nation and modernize and industrialize it in a half century – highly successful ii. Fifth industrial power – challenges any power iii. Peasants were still using 3 field system iv. Clash of past and present that ultimately destroys the Russian industry v. Small minority of educated scholars – intelligentsia b. Effects of the Paradox – Serious political/social tensions and a crisis of legitimacy i. Much of it occurred because of its own policies ii. Russian state itself was very heavily involved in the modernization process iii. State had a heavy hand and a lot of control iv. Outside foreign capital was the key to modernization v. II. Tsarist Ambitions – Goal to Modernize Industry, Economy and the Military to enhance state power. The game plan: a. Emancipation of the serfs creates a market economy i. Serfs emancipated to become peasants ii. Half hearted emancipation iii. Not much different from slaves iv. Serfs couldn’t leave their rural world (dimir) v. Had to pay redeption statements – had to pay for the land they thought was theirs vi. Said they were free, but not free period. vii.
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09-10-07 JSA - Social Sciences 201 JSA Lecture September...

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