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basketball diaries - Hems 1 Harrison Hems Engl 203...

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Hems 1 Harrison Hems Engl 203 Professor Ellis 5/5/08 The Diary Format in The Basketball Diaries Jim Carroll wrote his novel, The Basketball Diaries, in the form of a diary. The novel is supposedly autobiographical and he has said that all of the text was written at the time that it actually happened. While this may have been a great outlet for him as a child, I personally did not think that it carried over very well as a novel to be read by the masses. It seems to be fantastical, as it very well may be coming from the lips of a young boy, and it leaves us wondering exactly how much of the book is true. It also is not very interesting to read at times, considering that there really is no plot line and no character development. A diary is intended to detail the events of ones life. While it is very normal for a child to keep a diary, most diaries never are intended for other people to read, much less to be published as a novel. They’re very rarely published. However, Jim Carroll’s diary managed to get published. I think that the diary format just doesn’t make for a very good
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basketball diaries - Hems 1 Harrison Hems Engl 203...

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