May 14 - -Incomplete revolution o Federal bureaucracy o...

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May 14, 2008 HISA 117 Three phases in conservatism’s rise: majority - Ronald Reagan o New deal democract o Hollywood o Unions, ford o Governor of California o 1976 election - 1980 election o Republican nomination o Iran hostages o Kennedy and Anderson o Southern strategy. Philadelphia, Mississippi 1988 Willie Horton 2008 bill Clinton in south Carolina - Reagan revolution: dismantle New Deal o Tax cuts: supply-side economics, trickle down o Air traffic controllers o Judicial appointments
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Unformatted text preview: -Incomplete revolution o Federal bureaucracy o Judicial appointments o Second term troubles-the Christian right o historical ties to democrats o hostile to Catholics, mainline protestants o becomes more conservative in 1980s-1980: split between parties-Swing state votes-Ministers and politics o Moral majority (Falwell) o Focus on the family (Dobson) o Christian coalition (Robertson)-The election of 2000...
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