April 11 - Puerto Rican immigration Operation...

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April 11, 2008 HISA117B THE CULTURE WAR Immigration in US history Immigrants arrive in waves - 1630s (Puritans) - 1750-1775 (western Europeans) - 1820s (western Europeans, Irish) - 1890-1920 (eastern Europeans, Italians, Jews, Irish) - 1965-present (Africa, Latin America, Asia) [largest immigration number in history so far] Reactions - know-nthing party, 1850s - nativism - immigration quotas Some demographics during 1950s Assimiliation policy: 1955 Bracero program: guest worker program according to Europeans. Starting WWI Immigration since 1945 Latin America Economic opportunity - Puerto Rico - Mexico Cold war refugees - Cuba after 1958 - Guatemala - El Salvador - Nicaragua Asia-cold war refugees Philippines - after 1945 - after 1986
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China - After 1949(mao wins revolution) - After 1997 (hong kong reverts to PRC) South korea (war ends) Vietnam after 1975 (war ends) Iran after 1979 (shah falls) [common result of America’s failure foreign policy]
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Unformatted text preview: Puerto Rican immigration Operation bootstrap-industrailizaiton -population control: forced sterilization, the Pill Dynamics-move to urban centers (west side story)-move in family units (though disrupted) Vietnamese immigration end of Vietnam war, 1975-re-education centers-boat people-A national obligation Dynamics-settlement concentrated in the west * Cambodians are the largest minority group in MN-immigrates as families immigration and the culture war how to assimilate immigrants-traditional model: Americanization; melting pot -new model: identity politics; beyond the melting pot-model minority Economics-traditional backlash; jobs-new model: jobs demographics-by 2100, latinos may be dominant group-California already is a majority minority population-The minute man and the politics of fence building...
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April 11 - Puerto Rican immigration Operation...

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