April 21 - -after 1968 • African American • Organized...

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April 21, 2008 HIST 177 B Comparing ideologies: liberalism Classical liberalism - liberalism= the protection of liberty - liberals favor restraint on government - liberals favor small government Progressive era liberalism - associate with T. Roosevelt, Wilson - Government as referee: ensure economy and society operate freely, fairly New deal liberalism - associate with FDR - The four freedoms (1941) 1. traditional: religions, speech 2. new: want, fear 3. require energetic government to guarantee New deal democrats belive - government can and should improve life - federal governmentbest equipeed to solve society’s problem. Comparing ideologies conservatism Rejection of New Deal liberalism Comparing appeal the south - before 1969, democrats win the south
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Unformatted text preview: -after 1968 • African American • Organized labor Anti- communism • Democrats-containment policy-red scare/uhc • Republicans • Korean war • Bay of pigs Beyond ideology-identity politics 1. African American 2. women’s right 3. labor-civil rights movements-new left-foreign policy The true presidency -perceptions of the new president, 1945-reconversion of economy 1. whither the new deal? 2. republican congressional gains. The election of 1948-the republican: Dewey-the shadow: Eisenhower-democratic Schism henry wallce executive order 9981 strom Thurmond and the dixiecrats-The polls 1. dewey’s arrogance 2. truman’s whistestop...
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April 21 - -after 1968 • African American • Organized...

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