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US SINCE 1945 Mid-term study guide Part One: You will be given five questions, and you must answer three of them. Studying the following list of terms will help to prepare you for these questions. “All in the Family” Playboy sexual revolution “Three’s Company” Madonna Jim Morrisson fundamental liberty rights right to privacy culture war Bowers v. Hardwick Griswold v. Connecticut Washington v. Glucksberg SCLC SNCC CORE Greensboro 4 Rosa Parks Montgomery bus boycot generation gap among immigrant families same-sex families Nancy Cott liberalism Harry Truman Dwight Eisenhower John Kennedy Lyndon Johnson New Deal Great Society
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Unformatted text preview: Election of 1948 Brown v. Board of Education Earl Warren Civil Rights Act of 1964 Martin Luther King Malcom X PART TWO ESSAY: There will be a choice of two essay questions. One question will focus on culture war issues, especially the sexual revolution One question will focus on political movements TIMING Plan on 5 minutes per answer for the short answer Plan on 30 minutes for the essay NOTE The long essay will be assigned next Wednesday, May 7. It will be due Wednesday, May 14. The next short essays will be assigned Friday, May 16....
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