Social Issues Mid term Review

Social Issues Mid term Review - Social Issues Mid term...

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Social Issues Mid term Review: Define: Objective and subjective elements of social problems o Objective element: the existence and particular nature of a social condition o Subjective element: the belief that a particular social condition is harmful to society, or to a segment of society and that it should and can be changed Culture (within culture: values, beliefs and norms) o Culture: the meanings (beliefs and values) and ways of life (norms) that characterize society o Values: social agreements about what is considered good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable o Beliefs: definitions and explanations about what is assumed to be true o Norms: socially defined rules of behavior Structure (within structure: institutions, statuses, and rules) o Structure: The way a society is organized (through institutions, social groups, statuses and rules) o Institutions: established and enduring patterns of social relationships o Social groups: 2 or more people who have a common identify, interact and form a social relationship o Statuses: positions occupied by people within social groups o Roles: The set of rights, obligations and expectations associated with a status. Stratification o Stratification: is the unequal distribution of rewards/goods among members of a society Poverty (government definition) Discrimination o Discrimination: the unfair treatment of people based on some social characteristics such as race, sex or ethnicity Personal and institutional racism o Personal racism: the expression of racist attitudes or behaviors by individual people o Institutional racism: Established laws, customs and practices that systematically reflect and produce racial inequalities in society, whether or not the individuals maintaining their practices Meritocracy o Meritocracy: a society where status is achieved on the basis of merit; this might involve the possession of attributes which are valued in a society Localized and centralized funding o Localized funding: funding for schools that comes primarily from the local school districts-neighborhoods o Centralized Funding: funding for schools from primarily from state, money is collected from all state residents and distributed equally White privilege
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o White privilege: a right, advantage, or immunity granted to or enjoyed by white people beyond the common advantage of all others
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Social Issues Mid term Review - Social Issues Mid term...

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