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Matt Zieman April 28, 2008 Social Problems Professor Steen McDonalidization of Education, Juvenile Justice and Welfare: McDonalidization is occurring in almost every aspect of our society. The four aspects of the McDonalidization process according to George Ritzier are efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. These four aspects are the key to the McDonalidization process and what allows certain industries to keep growing bigger and bigger on a daily basis. The way in which I would define the word efficiency in relation to the McDonalidization process would be the way in which a company is able to provide a product for the consumer in the shortest amount of time with the greatest amount of success. As for calculability, I would define this as the organization producing the most amount of a product and allowing the consumer to believe they are getting the most amount of a product for the cheapest price. Predictability is the third part of the McDonaldization process, and I would define it as an organization producing a product which the consumer always knows what they are getting and can expect that product to be the same wherever they go. The last quality of the McDonalidization processes is control. I would define control as the way an organization is able to use technology to replace human factors as to eliminate the human error and increase efficiency. The McDonalidization process is evident in all three social issues we have discussed this semester including the education system, the juvenile justice system and lastly in the welfare system. In the educational system the McDonalidization process is used all the time. I would argue that an aspect of the McDonalidization process that is used within the educational system is control. We see the use of the control aspect in the educational system with the introduction of the standardized test. The standardized test was introduced by George W. Bush with his No Child Left Behind Act. The No Child Left Behind Act uses standardized testing to show the schools, parents and school boards how well their students are learning compared to other children their age. The control aspect comes into standardized testing because it is the same test given to every child, and there is no human influence on the grading factor, it is all a scantron test that is graded by computers. This greatly improves efficiency on getting test back as well as helping to eliminate the human error factor. This technology has enabled teachers, parents, schools and school boards to see how well they are teaching and how receptive the students are to comprehending what they are being taught. The juvenile justice system over the years has been very McDonalidized, due to the increasing amount of crime committed by juveniles. When the juvenile justice system was first introduced its purpose was to help reform children who had been committing crimes and to help them gain their way back to what society would call the “right track.” One of the most apparent aspects of the McDonalidization process in the juvenile justice
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social problems - Matt Zieman April 28, 2008 Social...

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