Intro to Islam - Intro to Islam(Beginning through midterm...

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Intro to Islam (Beginning through midterm) Lecture 2/5 Geneology of Persons and Faith -beginning of Jewish history – 3000 BCE -beginning of Patriarch period : Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac…Abrahamic Covenent -beginning of Moses era: Exodus from Egypt, Commandments, ha-Torah -beginning of Kingdom of David: he makes Jeruselem his capital in 1010; in 970, Solomon builds the First Temple. Beginning of Judean Prophets of Rule -beginning of the Persian dynesty: the (Second) Temple rebuilt in 520-515 BCE -beginning of Roman Empire (147) : Herod the Great (Jewish Roman ruler of Palestine) retake Jeruselem in 37 BCE -birth of Jesus (0) (isa) : he was then crucified in about 30 CE -the conclusion of the compliation of Talmudic Tradition (500) -messenger Muhammad migrates (Hijrah) from Mecca to Medinah, hence the beginning of the Islamic calendar. He is said to be a descendent of Abraham through Ishmael -you, yes you, taking Intro to Islam, it ought to be an important event in your life. What is the date? 5769 (Jewish)? 2008? 1429 (Islamic/lunar)? A combination? 4645 (China) 1387 (Persia) Lecture 2/7 (continued) -The birth of the Islamic Faith (Mecca years: 10); Muhammad and Jesus The First Muslim -Ibrahim (Abraham) the rebel; “Hanif”: to challenge and argue on the basis of logic and/or reason -God and Ibrahim are pals, buddies, etc. because they ask each other questions as friends would -Ibrahim the believer (son-slaughter) -Ibrahim the forefather (Imamah) References
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-Persons: Muhammad (4), Jesus (16), Ibrahim (63)…very indicative of status, Moses (131)…misleading because most occur within one chapter during dialogue -there is not much reference to names (e.g. which son is almost slaughtered? We don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter) -if Ibrahim is the first Muslim, then Muhammad is a reformer and a teacher -Books: al-Tawrah, al-Injil (“The Gospel”), and al-Qur-an) -all three are singular as if they are different renditions of the same book Covenant > Divine/ Human > Faith/ Acts -difference between Islam (?) and Judaism -all Jews are automatically saved = inaccurate -if wicked, not saved…it is conditional on the acts and character of a person -Islams believe that Jesus was 100% human
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Intro to Islam - Intro to Islam(Beginning through midterm...

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