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Intro to Islam April 24, 2008 Sufiism (Guest Lecturer) For Muslims, the Quran is the actual word of God Muhammad is not considered divine, but a human being, yet a perfect on e who is chosen by God to reveal His Word to mankind Sufism is a path on which one can progress toward the great end of self-realization God and Allah are not the same thing…no beginning, no end, limitless, indivisible, and doesn’t need anything from any entity. Nothing other than Allah exists Sufis are the mystics of islam. Every muslim wants to see God, but sufis are impatient Sufis articulate the idea that only one acceptable struggle may be undertaken: against man’s
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Unformatted text preview: “internal enemy” which is selfishness, vanity, ambition, and faithlessness. Not different than the mysticism at the heart of all religions. Just as river that passes through many countries and is claimed by each as its own is still one river. The Sema ceremony represents the human being’s spiritual journey, an ascent by means of intelligence and love to Perfection By turning toward the truth, the Semazan: grows through love, transcends the ego… Either appear as you are or be as you appear...
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