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Notes cultural Anthro - 4/4/07 What is Anthropology?...

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4/4/07 What is Anthropology? Scientific study of humans Concerned with all humans, past and present. 4/9/07 Journals judged on: Writing (write clear detail in small amount of space). Someplace in writing explain the title, part is summarizing but be able to apply multiple perspectives to the idea (same thing ca be viewed in many different ways). Culture and Conformity: ‘Eating’ Christmas in he Kalahari (2) by Richard Lee !Kung (Busmen) – hunter gatherers (depend on what is naturally there, don’t farm) – located in southern Africa (desert area) Subsistence (what are the methods and strategies human communities use to satisfy basic needs of food, clothes, shelter) Looked upon as a miser because had his own food supply that he couldn’t share with them. Lived there for 3 years, but didn’t know as much as he could’ve and he was amazed that it had gone way over his head. Had an outsider view almost. Gave gift and way they interpreted it, it wasn’t a praise but instead an obligation. Need to view gift from emic point of view. Emic vs etic – looking from outsider view but then starts interacting. Trying to keep ego down so people don’t get full of themselves. They share their meat every day, and no he decides to do it. Kung society is not to wait for a big hug after a gift, but in our society we have to say thank you or we are rude. So edicat is different. From our perspective they are not very successful but from their perspective they are very successful in this area. They come together (share – functionalism) and teach that behavior to children. Joking tells a lot about what one expects in behavior, it is an adaptive function for the community. Hunting is unpredictable and they way community survives is based on sharing. Cultural Relativism shown Egalitarian – society isn’t organized as a hierarchy, everyone is equal. Subsistence economy – producing enough for what they need, not a surplus. Learned the language over time (3) Claire Sterk Fieldwork- interacting and in the cite that is being researched. Looking for data (Qualitative Data) – Quantitative - Gather statistics Got to know the girls as individuals before interviews. Had unstructured interviews. Uses life histories of individuals ‘Selling the body’ – the prostitutes say they don’t sell their bodies but instead selling a service of sex. Participant Observation – what she is doing – when an anthro goes and joins a community What say in interview might be different from what one might actually do. How does researched impact the setting being researched: o Reflexive – in research not only are you learning about subject but also learning about yourself. (Reflexive is reflective) – being in the field is like having a mirror in front of you. So you see your values. Lee – made him think about own values because didn’t think putting him down
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Notes cultural Anthro - 4/4/07 What is Anthropology?...

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