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Phil 4A Reading Notes - 9/19 Scanlon Notes Gender specific...

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9/19 – Scanlon Notes Gender specific games and adolescent girls As the age for games increases – the boxes become more generalized to a specific gender. Games meant for age 8 have girls with make up and jewelry on them – girls only. Games o The Dream Date Game o Sweet Valley High: Can you Find a Boyfriend in Time For the Big Date? o Girl Talk: A Game of Truth or Dare o Girl Talk: Dateline Tell girls to use makeup and jewelry to enhance their looks Players need to obtain boyfriends rather than consumer goods like the “Meet Me at the Mall” one where peeps need to get clothes. They do so by stealing them, seeing them in the future; using her own skills getting a BF is the goal instead of having a career or a life. You learn sex gender roles through peers and society Females learn that they need to please others and be dependent on a male. That math and science are for men not woman. TV helps stereotype gender roles Media confirms what we learn in society about boy staking lead (90% of the time voice overs in commercials are male) Magazines contribute by telling girls they need to be beautiful and boy crazed Use zit stickers as punishment – shows how normal things are looked down upon. Fortune cards relating to boys: like, you will marry ____. Or, you will work here because a hot guy does. It shows dependency. Few fortunes involve hanging out with girl friends. Set kids up for popularity contest via names and what kind of car they drive, etc… Girl Talk: Date Line. – Tells what peeps should like and says because some girl likes math and no make-up she’s a loser. Girl’s can’t say no to the boys even if they aren’t desired. Females aren’t making choices. NO DIVERSITY! In characters Wealthy characters Homosexuality not allowed in games. Shows that we need men in life. o “Girls play these games together, but rather than promoting positive female culture or solidarity, the games teach girls that they cannot trust each other when it comes to their primary life definition: boys.” Idea is that they must get a boyfriend. Looks down upon normal, everyday people (acne, colored, asian, etc…) Sets a high norm that is “largely unattainable” Girls games down challenge or stimulate them to achieve more. Relates the games to simple luck or easy matching games with cards. Difference is that cards don’t reinforce gender stereotypes. Learn to talk to other girls but not the guys. Play games inside home setting. “These sex stereotyped games promote damaging stereotypes, passive rather than active play, and skills that fall short of girls’ cognitive abilities.”
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9/21 Rosa Brooks: No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls Capitalism companies like Disney/ Old Navy/ Abercrombie are starting to make girls want to show more and more skin. Thongs for 7 year olds. At the Disney store, girls can make shell bikinis. Diapers with “bare-midriff Disney princesses.”
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Phil 4A Reading Notes - 9/19 Scanlon Notes Gender specific...

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