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personality psych Class Notes - 9/19/07 Chapter 1 What is...

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9/19/07 Chapter 1 What is personality? o Two perspectives Ex: All people are alike; all people are different. Situation (social psych) vs. Personal Explanations (personality psych) Person-situation Interactions o Consistency: Across time Across situations Chapter 2 Personality Assessment o Reliability – relative same results over a long time (consistency) o Validity (4) – measures what it is supposed to measure In personality - Hypothetical constructs – they don’t really exist in that there isn’t anything tangible, but rather it is just useful to think of Does this measure what its supposed to measure? Face Validity – Congruent Validity – scores correlate with scores its supposed to correlate with. (people who score high on my personality test score high on other peeps, etc…) Discriminant Validity – measure does not correlate with measures its not supposed to correlate with. (high score on creativity and high score on intelligence – need low correlation or it is the same test) Behavioral Validity – have to be able to predict behavior with it. o Norms – Most people are in the middle and a few people are on the end. You want to know the mean cause then you know the average. Also want the standard deviation. 9/21/07 Chapter 3 Freudian Approach to Personality o Key Concept Unconscious thoughts, motives, and associations – we are not aware of them – but it influences our everyday behaviors. o Background Doctor – neurologist – died of throat cancer - Jewish Hysteria Brever – Anna O, suffered from hysteria and they would hypnotise her and then she would say bizarre things. Then the symptoms would go away. Said that there is part of mind that controls this and it is only accessible when not conscious about it. Most people were not good at hypnosis so just started having people talk and called it the “talking cure” which later was called free association which is where the patient is on the couch and talks openly. o
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personality psych Class Notes - 9/19/07 Chapter 1 What is...

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