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Forensic anthro Class Notes

Forensic anthro Class Notes - Reading/Class Notes Chapter 1...

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Reading/Class Notes 9/20/07 Chapter 1 – Abnormality: Past and Present Mental Illness o 20% of Americans o Ranked second in length of illness heart disease, mental illness, cancer Themes and Challenges (Four) Biological and Psychological Levels of Analysis o Biological Psychopathology is a disease of the body that can be cured by changing the body. o Psychological Psychopathology is caused by disordered habits and by a disordered mental life, and that mental illness can be cured by changing behavior, emotion, and thought. o Nature vs. Nurture The two work hand in hand Biological psychiatrists measured chemicals neurotransmitters and realized that patients with low levels of NT had depression. o Bottom-up causation Biological state causing a psychological state Ex. Fast heart rate and difficulty breathing led to belief of heart attack Damage to left hemisphere – leads to dominant use of right hemisphere depression Damage in right hemisphere shows no change in depression o Shows how change in an anatomical state causes changes in emotion o Top-down causation Psychological state causes changes in biological state Ex. Belief of heart attack caused heart rate increase o Panic Disorder catastrophic misinterpretation panic o If we can cure the psychological state than we can cure the physiological state People cried in sad part of book – caused limbic sites to be more active o Shows how sad emotions could cause brain activity Science and Practice o Practitioners – to help and treat a person who presents with a problem Treat a particular patient o Therapist – looks at past therapy, relationships, etc and that shapes the treatment. Scientists investigate cause and treatments for people with similar problems. Development o Studies what is constant and what changes across the life span, and how genes and their expression change as a person grows older and as she encounters different environments o Certain psychological issues occur at certain points in life. Weight issues are common when young but not when 60 or older Hallucinations occur in age of 20-40, but not really among children. o Life altering occurrences like a classroom shooting may alter what is feared by certain children beyond the age that is normal to fear something like thunder.
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Treatment of Choice o Not every treatment is going to work with everyone. Some people might need medication while others may just need counseling. Figure out what works best for each individual. o Outcome Studies – evaluate treatments Efficacy studies – test a treatment under controlled laboratory conditions – controlled. Effectiveness studies – test a treatment as it is actually delivered in the field.
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Forensic anthro Class Notes - Reading/Class Notes Chapter 1...

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