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3/31/08 Developmental Psychology Chapter 1 Basic Concepts o Developmental Psychology A study of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes that transpire throughout the course of human development. Prenatal through full growth. Conception onward. o Growth Years Period from infancy through adolescence time of rapid growth Study of Child Development o Focus Physical changes Cognitive changes related to thinking Psychosocial changes o Aim Promote the healthy development of children (0-3 initiative) Answer important questions People use it for things like promotional features, etc… Overview of the Journey o Early beginning of modern developmental psychology o Central questions of dev. Psych. o Dev. Psych as a discipline Early Beginnings…Colonial Times o 1500-1700: child was property of parents weren’t considered to have rights/soul of own Beaten often as children Laziness/not enough obedience beaten to correct this o Miniature adult in dress and responsibility Infants weren’t considered human. Given alcohol and opiates to stop crying o Sent away to work at 6 or 7 years old (work as apprentices) o Puritan influences: the goal is to break a child’s will (stamping out sin) Beating was a way to get rid of sin G-d was punishing parent o Infant mortality rate was very high No breast feeding seen as animal like (middle class to above saw it as dirty) Since mortality rate was high, there was a feeling of detachment because don’t want to get close because don’t know when or if child might die. Victor the Wild Boy o France (Avoyron), 1800, about age 12 o Jean-Marc Itard (physician) Dr/philosopher Does social environment shape a child’s development? Nature vs. nurture basically MAJOR THEME Abandoned the experiment after 5 years
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Little boy age 12 found outside a village. Had been living in forest, was abandoned as infant, never had human interaction. Believed it was all about environment, not biology. Didn’t go as planned Victor never really learned to speak or interact normally Autism or social isolation? Could have been autistic – but don’t know o Itard was among first to go beyond speculation and conduct experiments to test his ideas Perfect example about how its environment and biology both The rise of a New Discipline – 1900’s, late 1800’s o Rather than viewing children merely as imperfect adults, not to be seen or heard o Darwin wrote (origin of species) – children are closer to humans We can see from children how humans evolved Development of individual represents development of a species o Children can be viewed as scientifically interesting because their behavior o Darwin seen as founder of Developmental Psychology Child Labor Conditions o Social reform of industrial revolution o England (1833) – Factory inquires committee that decided 12 hrs was acceptable workday for children. Others said 10 hrs preferable with 2 hours religious/moral
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Developmental class notes 1 - Developmental Psychology...

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