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Religions of Latin America Extra Credit This is due to your TA’s Monday April 28, 2008 Worth up to 3% extra credit to your grade Write a 3 page essay critically assessing the portrayal of the religious cultures of Latin America in one of the following movies The Bridge of San Luis Rey Our Lady of the Assassins White Zombie Cabeza de Vaca Maria Full of Grace Santitos I, The Worst of All DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE PLOT OF THE MOVIE. IF YOU SUMMARIZE YOU WILL
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Unformatted text preview: NOT GET ANY CREDIT AND THEN, I MEAN REALLY, WHAT IS THE POINT OF DOING IT AT ALL? The paper should be an exploration of the themes of the class as they relate to the movie. What does the movie show us about religion in Latin America that is unique to the region and its cultures? Tie your analysis of the movie to readings and lecture notes....
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