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analytical paper 2008

analytical paper 2008 - incorporate the concept of respect...

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I NTERNATIONAL R ELATIONS 101 Spring 2008 A NALYTIC P APER Instructions: take a position on ONE topic below and defend it using evidence. You may draw your evidence from any published source, so long as you document it. Plan early which question you will take on and what your line of argument will be. T alk to Garrett or your TA if you have any questions regarding how you will go about writing your paper. Word limit : 1200 words ( ONLY the first 1200 words of papers will be graded) Due date : May 1 , in class – Late papers will NOT be accepted, no exceptions. Topics : Choose ONE 1. Should the US continue “the war on terrorism”? If so, how? If not, why not? 2. Which of the remaining US presidential candidates would best advance in office the country’s national interests? 3. Whose prediction for the world was more accurate: Fukuyama’s “the end of history” or Huntington’s “the clash of civilizations”? Intellectual Property and Originality USC is committed to the general principles of academic honesty that include and
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Unformatted text preview: incorporate the concept of respect for the intellectual property of others, the expectation that individual work will be submitted unless otherwise allowed by an instructor, and the obligations both to protect one's own academic work from misuse by others as well as to avoid using another's work as one's own. All submitted work for this course may be subject to an originality review as performed by Turnitin technologies ( http://www.turnitin.com ) to find textual similarities with other Internet content or previously submitted student work. Students of this course retain the copyright of their own original work, and Turnitin is not permitted to use student-submitted work for any other purpose than (a) performing an originality review of the work, and (b) including that work in the database against which it checks other student-submitted work....
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