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US military history - March 25, 2008 WWII Romantic attitude...

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March 25, 2008 WWII Romantic attitude US had towards China Began with Hays Open Door Policy Open/Free China US continued to support various war lords Excited by democratic thought in China Rise of Japan Going on for 60 years US in 1850’s forced Japanese to abandon isolationism and confront modern world Perry’s visits helped to set up a process that converted the feudalistic, isolated Japanese nation turned into a modern nation much like the US Also, already a nationalistic people 1895 Japanese empire took Korea away from china 1904 Japanese defeated Russia US supported Japanese against Russia 1908 Root Takahira Agreement Japanese agreed to …………………………………… Japanese felt US was trying to keep them from becoming a great power American/Japanese Issues turn for the worst after 1947 1927 Militarist Nationalists vs. Democratic Elements Quazai Democratic takeover 1931 Manchuria becomes Japanese Stimson Doctorine “US would not recognize any actions that impaired the territorial or administration of China” - Secretary of State Henry Stimpson Japan would keep order in Asia and would economically exploit that region 1938 Japanese take China from Chiang Kai-Shek (leader of Democratic of China) Rise of Fascism Germany All of Europe, due to collapse of Germany economy, is reeling due to Great Depression Treaty of Versailles disarmed Germany Government couldn’t handle Great Depression and runaway inflation Fascism conquered Germany by Adolf Hitler Came to power in 1943, promising to glorify German state Called for racial supremacy based on the north model Rearmed Germany Imprisoned and murdered all rivals/opponents Reign of terror against German Jews Necessary to eradicate to protect purity
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1938 Took Czech 1939 Hitler signed with Joseph Stalin Invaded Poland Poland fell in 5 weeks France surrenders Hitler conquers crushed military power of Great Brittan Battle of Britain : Relied upon air power to break Britain British mathematicians working for secret service broke German code in operation named “ultra” 3 million men 3000 tanks Italy Benito Mussolini seizes power in Italy Established order and stability Embarked on aggressive foreign policy Italians conquered Ethiopia Thursday, March 27, 2008 Back in the US there remained isolationists who felt we had no business interrupting in Russia’s struggle It was inconceivable to stop fascism The US saw the oceans as a great wall again fascism No planes could fly the entire oceans to reach the coasts of the US They worried about the growth of the military as an institution They worried about the power of the government over the economy Others saw the oppression of war as an opportunity Motor companies, munitions companies, Anti-Semitic strain in the US The south and the west were opposed to the war But everyone knew Hitler was about to do something with the Jews
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US military history - March 25, 2008 WWII Romantic attitude...

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