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history key term review - Review: Ia Drang The location of...

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Review: Ia Drang The location of one of the first major engagements of the Vietnam War. Hal Moore A retired army lieutenant general who received the Distinguished Service Cross after Ia Drang Shang hi Shek Democratic leader of China who was fighting communist leaders Mau de dung Battle of Britain First major campaign of the Second World War to be fought entirely by air forces. The German Luftwaffe tried unsuccessfully to defeat British forces. It was the largest bombing campaign to date. The failure of Nazi Germany to break through British defense or break British morale is considered its first defeat. Ultra A term used by the British for the decryption of German radio codes during World War 2. It was aptly named as “ultra secret”. Cash and carry Lend Lease Policy The program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, France and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material between 1941 and 1945 in return for, in the case of Britain, military bases in Newfoundland, Bermudas, and the British West Indies. It began in March 1941, over 18 months after the outbreak of the war in September 1939. This program is seen as a decisive step away from American isolationism since the end of World War I and towards international involvement. In sharp contrast to the American loans to the Allies in World War I, there were no provisions for postwar repayments Atlantic Charter FDR met with Churchill and cemented alliance Negotiation at the Atlantic Conference (codenamed Riviera ) by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, aboard warships in a secure anchorage in Ship Harbour, Newfoundland, and was issued as a joint declaration on August 14, 1941. Unites US & Great Britain with a common set of goals: Self determination for all peoples around the world Free trade Freedom of the seas Disarmament Freedom from fear and war Conference of Yalta Yalta was the last great conference before the end of the war in Europe and the death of President Roosevelt Establish post war world order Meet in San Fran in 1945 to set up UN
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4 occupation zones in Germany under military control until a final peace settlement General call for self determination Poland would have new border and new government (pro Stalin) Russia would get special privileges Casablanca Conference The "Casablanca Declaration" was made at the conference and called for the Allies to seek the unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers. It also called for
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history key term review - Review: Ia Drang The location of...

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