Notes 17th April

Notes 17th April - • Celtic Christians did not consider...

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Ways in which Celtic Christianity differed from Roman: Marriage amongst priests, Med Church celibate (for a long time bishops only), priest could marry until made requirement in the 1100’s (including monks and nuns). Celts = married. Confession was voluntary, penance usually involved a pilgrimage Roman monks shaved back of heads , Celts shaved from ear to ear (reverse side Mohawk) -> like druids Easter: 84 year cycle, sometimes occurred at same time as Passover (Med didn’t want this to happen) Meditation techniques from druids -> Med thought it was suspicious Communal flavor: more like early Nazarene Cult Clergy didn’t expect to be supported by congregation (no tithing, taxes or tribute) More respect for nature, slightly animistic beliefs (In the Med, there was already some kind of suspicion of the natural world, and of the body)
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Unformatted text preview: • Celtic Christians did not consider nature in any way hostile or alien to their spiritual concept, perhaps because they had retained animism and anitism so much longer than people around the Mediterranean had) • Irish Catholics want to reclaim animism a bit • Celtic Fire tradition, main sources: the Celtic druid religion -> holders of powerful secret knowledge, learned people (transition to acceptance of Christianity was very tranquil), debates between druids and evangelists. Early Christians and druids weren’t very different. • Druids recognized familiar philosophies, Christians interested in Druid traditions as well • Traveling religious teachers called ‘Filed’, they traveled to teach people what they thought were important aspects of belief...
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Notes 17th April - • Celtic Christians did not consider...

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