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Notes 10 April - Boudicca's husband died but had made a...

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Boudicca’s husband died, but had made a will. Half went to the Emperor, the other half went to Boudicca and their daughters. Rome had no viable framework for women to be heirs in their society, they declared that the will was not valid and the whole inheritance went to the Romans. From the Roman point of view their world was oppositional in regard to gender, women were 2 nd class citizens, especially when in comparison to the Celts. > Women were supposed to be submissive and seductive. Boudicca was certainly intelligent and mature, capable of leadership and ready to be ruthless, as everything from this point onwards shows. She was not a sexual commodity. The Romans made many strategic mistakes, if they were trying to avoid a war: Being dismissive toward and treating Boudicca as they would a troublesome child Roman legionnaires showed up and seized a whole bunch of stuff, as well as slaves They stripped and flogged Boudicca in the Central Square Their intent was not to kill Boudicca, but rather to put her in her place and in theory place her into submission They saw the daughters as much more dangerous than Boudicca (not of marriageable age just yet), mainly because they might marry a nobleman who would then cause the people to rise up in rebellion. Their method of making them unmarriageable was to rape them, so that then no nobleman would want them. The Romans thought this was important because it was their world view. The Romans believed it was an affront to the Gods to execute virgin girls,
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Notes 10 April - Boudicca's husband died but had made a...

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