Team LOH pedagogy

Team LOH pedagogy - Team Olivia Hila and Lauren S.We will...

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Team Olivia, Hila, and Lauren S.- We will be teaching Ballet 5 at Santa Barbara Ballet Center on Monday. We decided to split up the class, and that while one of us is teaching, one can assist, and the other can be on music duty so that it is not too overwhelming for only 6 – 8 students. Olivia will teach barre, and after tendus Hila will teach a quick tendu exercise for partners. Olivia will finish the rest of barre, and then Lauren will lead a center stretch. Hila will teach center and across the floor combinations, and Lauren will finish the class with a contemporary combination. Olivia- Barre- Plies 2X demi plie, 1X grand plie (1 stretch over, 2 stretch away from bar, 4 cambre back,5 grand port de bras) Tendu (en croix) tendu, half pt., tendu, lift, flex, pt., tendu, close (last time close front 5th) – (en croix) tendu, close in plie (f,s,b,f[inside],b,s,f,b[inside]) – port de bras forward (8 counts) cambre back (8 counts) Hila- Tendu Excercise- I will give a tendu exercise at the barre with partners. The first partner will have their back to the barre and tendu front while their partner sits on the floor and manipulates the feet. This exercise is good for teaching turn out and correct use of the legs in tendu and often makes the dancers realize how moch harder they could be working in a simple tendu than they do. Degage (en croix) 2X per [twice through], 1X [twice through], second [close 6, plie 7, rise on 8 – hold, balance.] Battement Cloche start front, close 1st on 8. Plie 1, rise 2, 7-8 prepare to reverse, repeat releves in
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This note was uploaded on 05/16/2008 for the course DANCE 58 taught by Professor Pilafian during the Spring '08 term at UCSB.

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Team LOH pedagogy - Team Olivia Hila and Lauren S.We will...

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