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Hila Schoffman Dance 58 4/8/08 Dance Concepts Applied Noticing dance concepts of space, time, and force was quite easy in classes this week. Instructors use these concepts and ideas to describe just about every step and combination we do in class. I probably found about thirty or more examples of concepts being used in class, but I will describe two in detail. In Modern class, Nancy gave a combination that used all of the concepts we discussed in class. This is very common for Nancy, but because of our discussions and experimentation in this class, I was able to notice them and the ways that she expressed them. The combination that really stood out to me used small and big movements, slow and fast movements, small self-space and big self-space movements, and had a traveling pattern. More than all the elements being used, I noticed how Nancy described and expressed these elements to get her dancers to do them. When she described the big and small movements, she did so in relation to time and space although small does not always
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