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Hila Schoffman Dance 58 April 15, 2008 Makings of a Great Dance Teacher What makes a great teacher is usually indescribable, but most great teachers often share certain characteristics. Patience, clarity in thought and speech, and compassion are some of the common characteristics found in a great teacher. A great teacher must have patience; especially a dance teacher. Dance students often have far different learning curves than their fellow classmates regardless of their ages (which is how dance classes are usually separated). One student could be easily be absorbing information while another student is struggling on just standing up straight. Because of this vast spectrum of students often in a dance class, the most important characteristic for a great teacher must be patience. Clarity is another very important characteristic for a dance teacher. Dance is an art, which means that there is no easy way to teach it. It involves the body and the mind
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Unformatted text preview: and often a natural talent. Because of the nature of a dance class, and that the students are moving around rather than in chairs looking at a chalkboard, a dance teacher must be very clear in both intentions and how they are portrayed to the class. A dance teacher must have clear thoughts and also have clear ways of expressing these thoughts to the students. Finally there is a certain amount of compassion required to be a dance teacher. This does not mean always being a nice teacher or being a pushover, but perhaps the opposite. I have had many great, strict dace teachers. But because of the difficulty of the subject, compassion is quite necessary. My favorite teachers were the ones who made me do 30 more releves, but smiled and said, I know it hurts, but youll thank me for this....
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