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2.02.06 - statement Awkward stiff and flat figures Lack of...

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VIS 22 – 2/2/06 Pre-Raphaelites (John Everett-Millais, Rossetti…) Flat drawings, painted women mainly. Led up to Raphael who did 3D paintings. Women manifest…mid – Victorian period Women’s place in the home and roles as spiritual exemplars They want to create images that encode a spiritual message against middle class society become commodity producers. (i.e.: bubbles) Very afraid of selling out. Paint images of women in a way to elicit desire Commodification/Sexuality Realism (Gustave Courbet 1819-1877…) Mid-nineteenth century France Courbet – wanted to convey the world as it really was, wanted to make a political
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Unformatted text preview: statement. Awkward stiff and flat figures. Lack of academic trainings. *Has ideas. • showed banal reality of poor people unlike neoclassicism • Realism is intended to demystify and reveal repressed and hidden social realities • It runs through movement of impressionism, a deliberate away from the here and now rather than the realist engagement of what is, there was a turning inwards… • A realist doesn’t need to wander to other places of the world. (Grandmother’s Funeral – dark painting, thick strokes) • “Art is good if it pisses people off.” •...
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