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Exam returned Thursday at the beginning of class Buy book! Case analysis – the purpose of a case analysis is for us to figure out the answer. It must have a lot of facts, variables. It must have enough evidence so that whatever argument you want to make, you can find facts to support it. Context for the case is given, it is not an explanation of the case. Population, geography, politics, economy, history general picture of what is happening in the country at the time that the case study begins. United States – history divided up into 3 sections. 70-74, 75-78** book will say 80, 80-82, this isn’t necessarily the right way to divide up the time period, he divided it up by national drug strategy, you can also categorize sub periods by presidents, ruling party, etc. Try to divide the time periods in a way that is meaningful for my argument. You could make an argument about civil liberties.
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Unformatted text preview: Find the dependent variable then set up the relevant variations on that variable for your argument. Variables should be across countries and across countries and across time. There must be variation on the dependent variable. Determine IV and DV. It is the question of illicit use and policy consequences. Agenda setting, policy options, policy design, policy adoption. Material provided gives some facts that can be used to talk about each one of these policy aspects. In order to adopt a policy, you must have political support for that policy. All policy has costs. Netherlands Sweeden United States all ended up in a place far from where they started in addressing the issues of psychoactive substances. Confronting the substances themselves, not whether or not they should be illegal. Final exam – essay format? Compare 3 case studies. Come to class!...
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