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Assignment 2 Resilience

Assignment 2 Resilience - Assignment 2 Resilience Danielle...

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Assignment 2 – Resilience - 1 - Danielle is a 12 year old girl who lives in Minnesota. She is in the middle of her 6 th grade year at an extremely good public school. She has friends, her family is in-tact, and she lives close to nearly all of her extended family, especially her grandparents who live across the street from her. Her parents are high warmth, and high control, and her father has a high paying job. She is in relatively good health, and has an even but upbeat temperament. She is well mannered, polite, and respectful, and has always been told that she will go far in life. She gets extremely good grades, and she plays volley ball at her middle school. She is also in band, and plays the flute. She loves school, and loves hanging out with her cousins, whom she sees on a weekly basis. She is also very involved in the youth group at her church, the church that she has gone to for the past 12 years of her life, the same church that her entire family goes to. In the middle of December of her 6 th grade year, Danielle’s parents decide that the job offer her father received from a company in San Francisco would be a good opportunity for the family, so her parents decide to pack Danielle, her younger brother, and her younger sister up and move the family to California. Danielle was completely devastated. She begged her parents not to make her move, but her well reasoned arguments, followed by emotional pleas were futile. Saying goodbye to her entire family, all her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents on New Year’s Eve night was the worst night of her life. Everybody cried, even all the dads. Danielle was so angry at her parents for ruining her life, she promised herself she would move back to Minnesota as soon as she possibly could. She wouldn’t get to see her cousins or family for another six months. The only good thing about moving to California was that her parents bribed her and her siblings with the promise that whatever house they move to when they get to
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Assignment 2 – Resilience - 2 - California, it would have a pool. However, Danielle felt that this consolation prize did not even begin to make up for the pain her parents had already caused her, and they
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Assignment 2 Resilience - Assignment 2 Resilience Danielle...

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