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5.25.06 - about psychoactive substances Perceptions are not...

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Domestic Control What are we going to do about psychoactive substances in our country? The US does a lot of domestic control and international control. Our policy is largely focused on supply and demand. Drug free policy. Sweden is also a Drug free country, they want to get rid of supply and demand. Sweden does much more in harm reduction than the US is because Sweden has legislation that allows the government to confine you to treatment if they think you are harming yourself. Policy: Policy makers want to adopt policy that will have an impact on the perceptions of the public
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Unformatted text preview: about psychoactive substances. Perceptions are not necessarily well linked to the reality. Argument: in this period the US public perceives the drug phenomenon as a problem in terms of use. We want to explain that perception of this phenomenon. Drug Free: not really drug free that we are shooting for, just a lower percent of users. Why use drug free? There is a perception of severe costs to illicit drug use. Because there is a severe cost to illicit drug use, it becomes difficult for people to say that they’d be willing to settle for x percent. People want no drug use....
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