immigration - The recent marches across the country by and...

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Unformatted text preview: The recent marches across the country by and for immigrants to the United States have been a bit misleading. Those who participate in these marches and say they are for immigrant rights misrepresent themselves. In actuality, immigrants in this country have few if any problems with the government. It is the illegal immigrants that are taking issue with the government and people of the Untied States. Those who participate in these marches are not protesting for immigrant rights, rather they are marching for the rights of illegal immigrants and illegal immigration. They are in fact, pro illegal immigration. PRO illegal immigration. Pro ILLEGAL immigration! The ridiculousness of this statement is truly astounding. What is even more astounding is the idiocy of those who actually take this position on illegal immigration. I can understand (though I do not agree) that people who want to let anyone and everyone into the United States should want to expand our immigration laws to allow more or all immigration, but no thoughtful person should be for illegal immigration, which is not only bad for the United States, but bad for the immigrants, both legal and illegal. Many liberals argue that not allowing these illegal immigrants to stay, and not allowing illegal immigrants to cross the border at will is racism and bigotry. However the opposite is the case. Allowing unchecked illegal immigrants into this country by the millions, we allow them to cut in front of those who are waiting in line to come into this country legally. We are rewarding those who break our laws, and punishing those who want to become Americans, and are proving it by respecting our laws and regulations on immigration. This creates a tremendous strain on our infrastructure. Also, because a majority of these illegal immigrants are from Mexico and other countries in Latin America, immigrants who wish to come to the United States from other countries do not get a fair opportunity to do so. If we were to have affirmative action for immigration, immigrants from Latin American countries would be somewhere at the bottom of the list, as Latinos are overrepresented in comparison to other immigrants to the United States. This influx of illegal immigrants presents the United States with an unprecedented situation, never before seen in the history of the world. Those who are elected to govern this country, both Republicans and Democrats, for the past few decades, have allowed this sovereign country to be invaded. There is no country, to my knowledge, that is so tolerant as to allow illegal immigrants to invade, provide them with healthcare and education, and allow the countrys rules, national security interests, customs, language, flag, and national anthem to be denigrated. The May 1st boycott is a perfect example of the trampling of American values, and the sense of entitlement illegal immigrants have in the United States. This day without illegal immigrants was a day in which illegal immigrants and their allies closed down city streets and...
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immigration - The recent marches across the country by and...

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