Electoral College - Why America Needs the Electoral College...

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Why America Needs the Electoral College By Alea Roach More than two hundred years ago, our founding fathers, faced with the difficult problem of deciding how this new nation should go about electing a President, developed a virtually flawless system. This system was a solution to a complex set of problems the founding fathers encountered, such as how to balance power fairly between large and small states, how to unite a country so geographically and ethnically diverse, how to combat communication and misinformation problems, and how to maintain a balance between the Presidency, Congress, and the people. The system they developed was the Electoral College, a system in which each state is allotted a certain number of electoral votes, based on the number of senators (2) and representatives (based on population) that state has in the US Congress. Then, typically, all of each individual state’s electoral votes go to the candidate who wins the popular vote in that state, however in theory, the state has the right to allot the electoral votes in any manner it deems appropriate. Today, the Electoral College serves to unite the country, enhance the position of minority interests, stabilize the political atmosphere of the United States, and maintain a representative democracy. One of the purposes for which the Electoral College was created, and has successfully served, is to contribute to the overall cohesiveness of the United States. The Electoral College prevents the Presidential election from being decided by one large, densely populated region of the country. For example, if the Presidential election relied on the popular vote rather than the Electoral College, one candidate could campaign solely in and for the support of the highly populated states.
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Electoral College - Why America Needs the Electoral College...

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