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40s and 50s, artists feel betrayed by the left, critical of the American way of life, they use the canvas as a resistance against the left and the right, against all organized political and totalitarian systems. Action paintings. The artist can be free to Surrealism, movement away from the controlling hand on the paintbrush, moving toward the freeing up of the body to access some deeper level of creativity, Pollock. Shapes and references, even in titles, begin to slip away and the paintings become increasingly abstract Why do artists turn to abstraction? What is the function of the Artist? For whom? Abstraction! The role of criticism, clement Greenburg. He supported and wrote on abstraction. Kitch is hollow, vapid, meaningless, poorly made movies, cheap popular songs, techniques of mass production, poses a threat to authentic art, advanced, avant garde art, ex. Thomas Kinkade, the viewer starts to lose the ability to recognize what real art is, real art is struggling to survive.
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