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Assignment 3 part 1

Assignment 3 part 1 - Assignment 3 Part 1 My reaction to...

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Assignment 3 Part 1 - 1 - My reaction to people from other countries, particularly from the developing world, varies greatly depending on the people and the context in reference. I have virtually no opinion about diversity in any country with exception to the United States. I am indifferent to diversity on a global level, although I do think that cultural differences on an international level are infinitely interesting, and I would like someday to experience more cultures than I have thus far. However, within the United States, my opinions about cultural diversity and people from other developing countries are strong and well reasoned, although slightly unpopular, especially in the university setting. Although my reactions to people are generally the same regardless of their cultural background and immigrant status, my feelings about them differ widely. My reactions to diversity and people from other countries do not include many stereotypes, but there are a few, and many of these stem from the cultural differences that I have seen and experienced in my relationships with people from other countries. For example, my recent interactions with Indian people have consistently shown them to be shrewd, and at times, ruthless and brutal businesspeople. Although, as with all stereotypes, I realize that there may be many exceptions to this generalization, there is, nonetheless, a reason for this stereotype, and at least some Indian people possess those qualities, I would venture to say they are overrepresented in those areas.
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