4.18.06 - Social deviants Drug policies in sports NFL...

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Social deviants: Drug policies in sports, NFL, Baseball, high schools, In order to effect the behavior, you must ensure that you pick the right causal variables, and the right relationships between the causal variables. Know the arguments against yours, you must be able to show them that their policy is not as good as yours and will not produce the desired effects. If you can show that the goal is unattainable, then you can begin to think about what goals are possible and satisfactory. This is what a lot of the debate about drug free America is really about. Production: Where and why drugs are produced. Afganistan (heroin), Colombia (cocaine), Mexico (Methamphetamines) Social Deviant’s argument : the governments are corrupt, they do not abide by the international law The democracies have trouble dealing with the inbred corruption from the non democratic history Corruption leads to illegal psychoactive substances Causal argument: the government is corrupt, because of this corruption, production happens in Mexico. Afganistan: because the government is weak, warlords run the government, and are not bound by treaties. They try to get ahead at the local level, heroin makes them money. Social Constructivism : the way you see things. The explanation for production is that the producers are not evil, all they are doing is growing a crop that happens to be legal and makes money, ex. Tobacco.
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4.18.06 - Social deviants Drug policies in sports NFL...

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